Don’t Cheat!
Please use University document responsibly… cheating is against our Terms of Use and can get you in lots of trouble or even kicked out of school. It will absolutely get you kicked off of UniverStudy

Our Academic Honesty Policy for Students.

We know everyone tells you to take school seriously. But hey, we’re going to tell you that too. So remember: it’s wonderful to use UniverStudy to get help learning how to solve tough homework questions, but it’s absolutely not OK to cheat!

  • Don’t ask people to complete entire assignments or write essays for you.
  • Don’t ask people to take quizzes, exams, tests, or final exams for you.
  • Don’t post a question unless you have your instructor’s implicit or explicit permission. For instance, don’t ask someone to proofread a paper for you if your instructor says this is against their rules.
  • Don’t post a question without an honest intention to learn from your tutor’s help. If you simply turn in their help as your own work, you’re cheating!

What’s in it for you?

In the long run, your grades and where you went to school won’t matter at all if you don’t actually learn what you’re supposed to be studying. We were (and are) students just like you, so trust us when we say that you’ll only gain something out of going to school if you make an real education out of it. If you are found cheating, you will be banned from ever using UniverStudy again!

Our Academic Honesty Policy for Tutors

We want you to earn lots of money on UniverStudy. Remember, though, that you have a duty to teach, not help students cheat.

  • Provide complete tutorials and explanations, not just answers. Your tutorial must include more help and explanations than what students would ordinarily turn in on their own.
  • Never write essays or papers for people.
  • Never complete finals, quizzes, or tests for a student.

What’s in it for you?
First and foremost, if you are found helping other students cheat, you will be banned forever and will forfeit any remaining balance or claim to your tutorials!
UniverStudy give you best decription of all solutions. Good solutions with complete explanations are purchased more often than short solutions with only answers. The solutions that earn the most are the ones that help people learn.
Students award the best ratings to tutors who provide good explanations and legitimate tutoring. Short answers receive poor feedback and don’t earn much money.