HomeworkTutor charges author fees to process all the transactions and to be able to maintain our services. Below you can find all the applicable fees.

What dont charge for?

  • Posting Question
  • Purchasing tutorials
  • Posting Tutorials & Answers
  • Adding funds
  • Withdrawal request

What service fees do we charge?

  • Selling tutorials & question

When you sell an item on HomeworkTutor Market, the total purchase price is made up of your item price plus HomeworkTutor fee to the buyer. You’ll earn your item price minus any HomeworkTutor author fees. Those author fees are dependent on whether you sell exclusively and your all-time sales to date. The more you sell, the more you’ll make.

20% fee if your tutorial and your answer is bought by a person who asked the question originally or by any other users. You can sell your tutorial as many times as you want.

Payment & Withdraw

  • Payments will be made via PayPal. Buyer & Tutor must state Paypal email for verify in your Dashboard Interface.
  • Payments of Commission due to the Tutor will be paid by HomeworkTutor at the end of the month following the month in which these amounts became fully unconditional.