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      Energy Consumption. Reducing our energy consumption is vital in our quest to preserve the environment. The conversion from fossil fuels to renewable energy sources will not happen overnight. In the meantime, individuals and businesses can decrease their dependence on fossil fuels by following several simple ideas. After reading The Energy Savers Booklet, what areas of energy conservation do you already employ? In what areas do you need to improve? Explain your answers, in detail.

      Voluntary vs. Regulatory Involvement. Affluence leads to overconsumption and increased waste. Governments, industries, and individuals have contributed to the lack of environmental sustainability. Actions must be taken immediately to alter our wasteful ways. The government has developed programs to help reduce energy consumption. However, the majority of these programs are voluntary, such as the Energy Star Program. Should the government continue to develop voluntary programs or do more drastic actions employing regulations that enforce compliance of governments, industries, and individuals be instituted? Defend your answer.

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