This page gives detailed instructions and advice on how to submit a tutorial at

What information to submit ?

First,  sign up for a new account or log in to your account.

Once you are logged in; proceed to your account dashboard and edit your profile.

At this point, you can submit tutorials by chosing the ADD TUTORIAL TAB then fill in the fields as follows:

1.Title  (required field)

Give your tutorial a name that accurately describes what it’s about to potential students.

2.Description  (required field)

A high-level description of the tutorial, unlimited characters.

3.Price  (required field)

Set a price for your tutorial.

4.Upload  (required field)

Use this button to upload your files.


5.Categories  (required field)

Provide categories that related to your tutorials. The more specific, the clearer for potential students decide if this tutorial is a good match for them.

e.g. Business & Management, Communications, Education, Information technology, Law, Liberal Arts, Nursing & Health Care,  Miscellaneous,  etc.

Get more suggestions from here.


Give your tutorial a tag for its highlight from the homepage .Tags should be lower case, separated by commas, spelled correctly (using American Standard English) and should relate to your tutorial, its specifications and its possible uses. Do not use the same tags for every tutorial. Each tag must be relevant to the tutorial it is applied to.

e.g : final, midterm, completecourse, entire, etc.


Do not forget to set a feature image. Make sure your  image is an accurate representation of your file. Your preview image must not contain trademarks or images of celebrities.

8.File types  (required field)

Indicate your uploaded file formats by chosing the right file extension